World's First 4.5G Network Go Live in Thailand Today by AIS

  • World's First 4.5G commercial service launched by AIS and Huawei in Thailand
  • Commercial launch is resulting from the Joint Innovation Center - A special R&D program from AIS and Huawei
  • Speeds make it possible to provide massive HD video services and new mobile Internet Application e.g. VR, Drone, IoT and smart cities for the future development of Thailand Digital Economy.

23rd March 2016 (Bangkok, Thailand) -- AIS announced the launch of world's first commercial 4.5G and push connection speed beyond 1Gbps strengthen the commitment of Best Network which is not only the fastest rollout for 4G but the fastest to continue bringing the most advanced technology for Thais. The world's first 4.5G network made possible by Joint Development Center (JIC) -- the special R&D program of AIS and Huawei.

The key features of 4.5G technology include the ability to have lower latency at 10ms, a peak download rate beyond 1Gbps. AIS and Huawei incorporate advanced combination of multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), Carrier Aggregation (CA) on 1800 & 2100MHz, and the use of LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) (or License Assisted Access -- LAA) to facilitate the live 4.5G networks breaking through the speed of 1Gbps.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, said, "AIS strives the continuously advance its technologies in order to provide the ultimate customer experience and advanced infrastructure for Thailand. With the fastest 4G advanced network certified by OOKLA, AIS continues harness the latest 4.5G innovation arising from the strategic joint development with Huawei to further strengthen the country infrastructure supporting digital Economy. We are proud to set Thailand a new benchmark for global mobile broadband and truly believe that 4.5G will bring open up great opportunity to provide mass HD video services and new mobile Internet Application e.g. VR, Drone, IoT and smart cities which is one of the important part of digital economy development."

Mr. Zhou Yuefeng, Huawei Wireless Vice President of Huawei Technologies, said," AIS is our significant Strategic Partner, with long-term interrelationship, in corporation of Joint Innovation Center or JIC between AIS and Huawei. It brings out the strength in technology and world-class R&D in order to develop the digital services by AIS in all aspects, especially the network. Huawei is considerably pleased to work with AIS to launch 4.5G technology in Thailand as the first country in the world and believe AIS is capable of bringing the technology to all customers and Thai people absolutely and completely.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, Chief Operating Officer of AIS, said, "Thanks to strong strategic partnership between AIS and Huawei, our JIC programs from past years making 4.5G not the future but present. The 4.5G live network will immediately benefit customers who has 4G device supporting LTE-U devices without any setting and with no special charges; AIS now provides 4.5G coverage in central areas of Bangkok and key cities and plans to expand to all key cities which high demand of data."

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