AIS Business showcases the potential of intelligent digital solutions, ready to propel Thai industries towards sustainable growth. Announcing the launch of AIS EEC, the first digital innovation center in the heart of Thailand Digital Valley. Organizations can now pre-order co-location service at the GSA Data Center

AIS Business, as the leader in digital technology services for Thai businesses, unveils its business plan for 2024-2025 under the concept of "AIS Business Digital Evolution: Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Nation." With this plan, AIS Business aims to leverage its intelligent infrastructures and networks to accelerate capability of businesses and industrial sectors, enhancing the country's competitive edge. Additionally, AIS Business is creating a new landmark in the heart of Thailand Digital Valley in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) by launching the “AIS EEC” Business Innovation Center. This center will serve as a hub for technological solutions for businesses, transferring knowledge, testing, and experiencing cutting-edge real use cases, thereby concretely boosting the digital economy.

Mr. Phupa Akavipat, acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer - AIS, stated, “2024 remains a challenging year due to the impacts of geopolitical situation directly affecting the global and Thai economies. Digitalization has thus become the norm for creating distinct business models across all sectors. Therefore, to advance robustly and sustainably, it is crucial to transform organizations with digital technologies. This transformation will equip organizations with new capabilities to effectively tackle challenges and gain a competitive edge.”

As a provider of digital and ICT solutions for business organizations, AIS Business, under the concept "AIS Business Digital Evolution: Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Nation," is ready to support the country's industrial and digital economic policies towards sustainable growth. By working with leading global partners, key innovation agencies, and educational institutions, both public and private, we aim to address challenges through five digital strengths:

  • 5G Ecosystem: The intelligent 5G power from the most extensive and varied frequency capabilities, including Network Slicing and Private Networks, to enable efficient industrial applications in production processes. Recently, Midea Smart Factory, a leading manufacturer of air conditioners and electrical appliances, chose AIS Dedicated 5G Private Network as their primary network. Additionally, with the Paragon Platform's capabilities, which combines 5G solutions like 5G Network Orchestrator, MEC, Edge, Cloud, and Application Ecosystem, over 17 partners have started onboarding it, including Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, and AI and Robotics Ventures.
  • Intelligent Network and Infrastructure: the power of Smart Infrastructure to elevate organizational management with fast and secure data processing in the modern era. We are ready to meet the needs of every organization, offering comprehensive services from On-Premises Cloud to Hyper-scale levels. Our excellence is proven by being awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year – Thailand for three consecutive years (2022-2024), and we are the number one Broadcom's VMware Cloud Service Provider in Thailand. Additionally, we have a unique partnership with Oracle to provide cloud services that support rapidly growing organizations. Moreover, organizations can now express their interest in using the GSA Data Center, a collaboration between Gulf, Singtel, and AIS, boasting a capacity of over 20 megawatts. This center aims to bring cutting-edge technology powered by clean energy and is expected to be fully operational by 2025.
  • AI and Data Analytics: The power of artificial intelligence for deep data analysis, ready to launch Analytic X, a data insight service that helps businesses utilize data to create business opportunities strategically and effectively.
  • Digital Platform and APIs: The power of connectivity through digital platforms like AIS Open APIs, meeting GSMA and CAMARA global standards, allowing developers to design efficient and secure services. AIS CPaaS – Communication Platform as a Service, a cloud communication platform, enhances organizational communication in real-time through voice, video, and SMS. Thailand Post has trusted this service for communication between postal workers and recipients via the Smart Call system, ensuring efficient communication and user confidence.
  • Industry Transformation: The power to elevate the industrial sector by promoting the adoption of digital technology to transform organizations, focusing on all levels, especially in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, property and retail, SMEs, public organizations, and government sectors. This includes close cooperation with relevant agencies, particularly industries in the EEC area.

Recently, the AIS Evolution Experience Center, or “AIS EEC” Business Innovation Center, was launched. Located in the heart of Thailand Digital Valley within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), this is the first center of its kind. It aims to be a hub for learning about 5G digital infrastructure technology and related digital platforms, offering hands-on experiences and testing of technology applications for business and industrial transformation. The center is now open for visits.

Furthermore, AIS is advancing digital technology skills for personnel and the labor market to be prepared for all forms of change. This is achieved through collaboration with the EEC Human Development Center (EEC HDC) and its eight Centers of Excellence in industry: 1. Automation Center of Excellence 2. Tourism Center of Excellence 3. Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence 4. Maritime Commerce Center of Excellence 5. Mechatronics Center of Excellence 6. Aviation Center of Excellence 7. Automated and Robotic Manufacturing Center of Excellence and 8. Digital AI & 5G Technology Center of Excellence These centers operate under six educational institution networks: Burapha University, Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok Bangphra Campus, Sattahip Technical College, the Institute for Automated and Robotic Manufacturing Technology Development, and the Thai-German Institute.

“With continuous investment in digital infrastructure development, we are confident in leveraging digital technology to effectively support and transform the industrial sector through appropriate tools and solutions. Our goal is not just to drive growth, but to ensure sustainable growth, which will be a significant driver for the country's digital economy. This will enable the economy to develop new capabilities, achieve robust and sustainable growth amid current and future challenges,” concluded Mr. Phupa