AIS encourages Thai people to recognize their self-worth, empowering them to overcome all forms of online bullying on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Every third Friday of June, the Cyber Smile Foundation has designated it as International Stop Cyberbullying Day. In recent years, Thai society has become increasingly aware of this issue. Both public and private sectors, including AIS, have raised awareness about online bullying or cyberbullying to promote a better understanding of constructive internet usage and social media interaction.

Even though many people are now familiar with bullying, it is undeniable that online bullying still exists. Therefore, on this year’s Stop Cyberbullying Day, AIS, through its AIS Aunjai CYBER initiative, aims to encourage Thais to value and believe in themselves. This initiative seeks to build resilience, enabling individuals to overcome online bullying experiences and offering another way to cope with bullying and navigate life in the digital age more effectively.

Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations AIS stated, "According to the research of Thailand Cyber Wellness Index in 2023, although digital skills related to cyberbullying awareness are in advanced level, meaning that most Thais are aware of this issue, we still observe online behavior involving bullying comments, hate speech that harasses, bullies, and creates anger, violence, and embarrassment through social media or various chat groups, leading to frequent social problems.

In the past, ‘AIS Aunjai CYBER’ campaign for online safety has continuously aimed to be a voice encouraging society to stop online bullying. This has been done through various initiatives to educate online users about understanding differences and, most importantly, recognizing self-worth to handle different opinions, especially negative comments."

For this year's Stop Cyberbullying Day, we are focusing on encouraging everyone to have confidence in their self-expression and to rise above insults and humiliation. Not everyone can overcome such severe experiences. Therefore, recognizing self-worth is the best way to deal with online bullying. We have highlighted the story of Rap Aek (Narawut Amnuay), a rapper who stands against all forms of online bullying. He has faced online harassment throughout his life, but by valuing himself, he has overcome it and become a rapper with over 10 years of work and a large following. His catchy rap phrase, "Ai-Yah, Chai Chai," is well-known.”

Rap Aek, Narawut Amnuay, shares his experience working with AIS on this campaign and offers advice: "I want young people creating content online to take it step by step, learn to live their lives, listen to others, and choose to do things that are good and valuable to themselves and society, which will help them move forward. Prove yourself through the work you love. As for me, I love what I do. I've experimented with various music styles and have received many negative comments online. But I get encouragement from my family and fans who appreciate my work, which keeps me going and fighting. Even though I've been told to quit my career and not to sing anymore, and disheartened and discouraged at first, I didn't think online interactions could be so harsh. But I persevered through obstacles, making me see the value in what I do. Taking the time to prove myself through music has led many people to know me today. Ai-Yah, Chai Chai."

Watch Rap Aek's inspirational story on dealing with online bullying here: and on the AIS Facebook page for Stop Cyberbullying Day from AIS Aunjai CYBER.