AIS organizes a platform for exchanging ideas to foster development in the areas of human capital, society, and the environment, aiming to sustainably drive business operations at the "Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023."

Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023

AIS is the host of the "Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023," a conference aimed at gathering intellect for the exchange of new ideas and knowledge that will contribute to advancing human development and fostering sustainable business practices in the areas of society and the environment. The symposium involves leading telecommunications companies within the Singtel Group from 6 countries, including AIS in Thailand, Singtel in Singapore, Airtel in India, Globe in the Philippines, Optus in Australia, and Telkomsel in Indonesia. Embracing the concept Re-Imagine Work with inclusive Sustainability, the event focuses on adapting environmentally friendly work practices for sustainable operations. In organizing this conference, AIS has set an example by incorporating sustainable principles in all dimensions, expanding the impact by sharing the knowledge and experiences of Singtel Group executives in the form of mentorship for youth, new-generation urban community groups-BKK Ranger in Bangkok. This initiative aims to enhance skills in critical thinking, analysis, and strategic planning to foster ideas for the future development and problem-solving of urban areas.

Mrs. Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations Business Unit at AIS, noted, "The exchange of knowledge and experiences is something that we, as a company within the Singtel Group, consistently prioritize. This emphasis is crucial for elevating our operations, enhancing customer service efficiency, as well as addressing social, environmental, and human resource development - all of which are integral to sustaining our business. Moreover, it contributes positively to the economy. In summary and based on this year's meeting, we have outlined key takeaways and a framework for collaboration as follows

* Purpose-led sustainability strategy

1. E-Environment and Climate Preventing and Responding to Climate Change: Implementing processes or activities focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing material usage, and efficiently utilizing resources (Dematerialization) to work towards a Net Zero approach.

2. S-Social Impact Digital Security: Seeking viable ways to enhance digital security, human rights, diversity, and social equality, and reducing societal disparities.

3. G-Governance Establishment of Sustainable Development Management Committee: Creating a governance structure for sustainable development, managing and overseeing supply chain sustainability, adhering to regulations, and providing knowledge and various training programs.

4. V-Value Creation Environmental-friendly Product and Service Value Creation: Generating added value from environmentally friendly products and services, focusing on customer needs to become a leading brand in sustainable development.

* The exchange of collaboration to analyze opportunities for sustainable development within the Singtel Group has seen updates in the Knowledge and Interest Exchange Framework. This involves significant projects and activities related to Sustainability in the capacity of initiatives and essential Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tasks that each entity undertakes. The aim is to identify mutual interests, exchange knowledge, and collectively explore the possibilities of collaboration. This collaborative effort is intended to strengthen management and integrate ESG practices into business operations, aligning with regulatory compliance guidelines.

* The collaboration framework between People and Sustainability in "Empower Every Generation" involves building a workforce capable of driving organizational culture through sustainable development practices. This collaboration aims to generate positive outcomes for the organization. The People and Sustainability collaboration framework also considers aligning incentives or motivational factors with sustainable directions.

"Furthermore, as the host, AIS has set a sustainable meeting model embracing all dimensions of environmental compensation through carbon-neutral event planning. This includes considerations such as carbon offsetting for both domestic and international travel, selecting environmentally-friendly accommodation, using electric vehicle (EV) buses and electric tuk-tuks-MuvMi, and organizing catering with a food waste reduction approach inspired by the community kitchen lifestyle. Additionally, AIS has extended the impact by sharing knowledge and experiences from Singtel Group executives, mentoring the youth in the new-generation urban community group in Bangkok (BKK Ranger). Spending over 230 hours as consultants, they have imparted crucial skills such as problem identification, strategic planning, budgeting, and operational execution through a sustainability lens. This initiative is believed to confidently present projects for societal impact or apply sustainable concepts to future business ventures. It also involves honing pitching skills, ensuring the ability to confidently present projects, with the belief that it will contribute to the positive development of projects addressing urban issues in Bangkok."

Ms. Waratnawee Chaimongkol, a third-year student from the Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University and a representative from BKK Ranger, a student group reporting incidents, shared her experience participating in this program. She expressed, "After receiving guidance from AIS executives and the Singtel Group, it has significantly refined the ideas for the platform development to showcase children's opinions. The clarity and connectivity of the project's ideals have been greatly enhanced, creating a more comprehensive link with stakeholders in the value chain."

Ms. Phakama Ekapol, a third-year student from the Faculty of Political Science at Thammasat University and a member of the "Redeem Bottles for Ticket Vouchers" group, shared her thoughts, stating, "This has been a new experience for us, receiving coaching that allows us to understand the sustainable project development process. It has helped the team gain confidence and have a clear concept when presenting the project to collaborate with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The experience has been highly beneficial."

Mrs. Saichon emphasized in conclusion, "Sustainability is the crucial core that must be embedded in every business process and lifestyle. We are delighted to be part of conveying this concept to the wider community to create positive impacts that will, in turn, benefit the lifestyles of everyone in the future."

Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023

Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023

Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023

Singtel Group People and Sustainability Symposium 2023