AIS - GC on path to sustainability under ESG concept Leveraging potential of intelligent networks to level up processes with green tech solutions Goal to build the prototype sustainable organization and address environmental issues holistically

The visions of AIS and GC share the objective of sustainable development, by creating shared value and business growth. This must consider natural balance under the ESG concepts of the environment, society and governance. With this background, AIS and GC signed an MoU with the goal of building a prototype sustainable organization in every aspect. This will unlock capabilities of the intelligent network with IoT and 5G solutions. Work processes are being improved to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eventually arriving at Smart Operations and the Smart Factory which is friendly to the environment. In particular, the companies will share know-how about the management of electronic and plastic waste through platforms aimed at building awareness among consumers. The waste recycling process is efficient and will build more value in the future.

AIS Chief Executive Somchai Lertsutiwong noted, “In its business operations, AIS is focused on developing resilient digital infrastructure for the nation with an ongoing investment program. This is so we can offer innovations in telecoms and digital services which can level up lifestyles for the Thai public. The technology should be used safely and responsibly. Meanwhile value is created by deploying digital to power the economy, and providing access to digital services for every member of society. Businesses should operate with respect for the environment, while AIS has faith in the power of partnerships which enable the company to generate value in every sector. Such collaborations focus on leveraging the strengths of each partner to benefit Thai people and the nation as a whole.

“As a partnership with PTT Global Chemical PCL (GC), a leading chemical company with an aim of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emission by 2050, we will undertake a joint study of digital technology utilization and digital infrastructure to support their sustainability plan. Furthermore, we will apply environmental, educational and technological development, as well as IoT&5G solutions, to the operations of GC Group. For instance, there are solutions to manage energy use efficiently and reduce carbon emissions using real-time data collected from IoT devices. These enable agile decision-making for work planning and production processes. On top of this, we have developed cooperation in waste management for both e-Waste and plastic waste, by using digital platforms and activities focused on consumer engagement such as the Green University, conducted in partnership with universities in Greater Bangkok. We believe that this collaboration with GC is a step change for tangible sustainability operations with respect to the environment for both companies.”

Dr.Kongkrapan Intarajang, CEO of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC, stated that GC has been operating our businesses in balance with the 3 aspects, namely, Environment, Society, Economic and Governance (ESG) and is now headed towards becoming a Low Carbon & High-Value Business, to truly embed sustainability in business operations and welcoming new alliances with similar goals. Today, GC and AIS join hands in bringing together the strengths of both organizations to further uplift businesses and sustainability through the joint study of digital technology utilization towards energy conservation and decrease of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, regarding the holistic management of used plastics, GC’s “YOUTURN” platform can support the transfer of knowledge and understanding on the proper management of used materials through collaborative campaigns on managing used plastics and electronic wastes. Additionally , GC and AIS are promoting and supporting the sales of recycled products and upcycling merchandise through the Online Platform to raise awareness to a wider audience in society and, at the same time, promote the environmental conscientiousness among the public and encourage the separation of different types of waste materials while increasing their added value."

This partnership has enabled both companies to enhance their business operations alongside addressing environmental and social concerns, demonstrating their commitment as good corporate citizens for continued mutual and sustainable growth.