AIS Fibre partners Huawei for Fixed-Broadband Innovation First in Thailand to ship Transparent Fiber Optic technology Connecting customers to 1 Gbps in every room with concept: One Home - One Network - One Fiber

AIS Fibre is collaborating with Huawei to deliver a home internet service that is benchmarked to gigabit standards, providing “1Gbps Every Room” for the first time in Thailand’s fixed broadband industry. The concept of One Home - One Network - One Fiber is provided with Transparent Fiber Optic technology, a global first innovation for Huawei. Connected to the router, it creates a Home Network supporting gigabit speeds in every room of the home, connected to the same network. The system supports future speeds of up to 10 Gbps, and WiFi connections for Seamless Roaming. As well as the functional aspect for customers, who can enjoy speeds of 1 Gbps in every room of the home, there is an emotional appeal from the transparent cables which can follow every bend and corner of the house to make it more beautiful.

Sunee Rojanaolarnrat, Head of Fixed Broadband Marketing at AIS, commented that AIS Fibre would remain focused on improving the user experience of quality home internet and providing the best possible experience to customers. The company has worked hard to study the diverse range of consumer preferences in the digital era, which has always enabled it to offer outstanding service to customers that is clearly differentiated from the market. This occasion is no different, as this partnership with Huawei has inaugurated the innovation of 1 Gbps in every room. It is designed for large families and large houses with many rooms and levels, with support for up to 16 rooms and responding to the diverse functional needs of the household such as watching movies in the living room, while people are working, video conferencing, gaming, posting to social media or even livestreaming in their private rooms. Customers will experience the 1 Gbps home internet experience in every area and every room of the house.

Meanwhile, we ensured that customers would also be experienced with Emotional Benefits by deploying Transparent Fiber Optic cables which are friendly to the environment from their low power consumption. When run inside the house to various rooms, the cables are both transparent and 5 times smaller than a regular cable and can be bent around any corner. As a result, installation has a lot less impact on the look of the house interior. Installation is carried out by a professional team with specialized expertise. They will survey the house and give recommendations for the installation points, test the strength of the Internet signal, and provide after-sales service.

The Transparent Fiber Optic cables used to provide service are a world-class cutting-edge innovation in fiber optics. In partnership with Huawei, there has been extensive study of the market and consumer preferences, and joint testing of the system. As a result, we are ready to provide the service to consumers who want to enjoy Internet speeds of 1 Gbps in every area of the house, under the concept, One Home, One Network and One Fiber, with one fiber connecting the router to create a gigabit-scale internet network. This connects the WiFi signal in the house with Seamless roaming on the same network.

“AIS Fibre aims to provide a Digital Experience for Thais with a service of 1Gbps Every Room, which will transform home internet. We genuinely address the pain points for customers working at home who have a large house with many floors, as the lack of WiFi coverage at some points has been eliminated. We are also catering to customers who demand the quality of a fast and stable signal with optimal efficiency,” said Sunee.

1Gbps Every Room service is launched in Greater Bangkok with a super value package starts at 1,399 baht/month for the experience of fast 1Gbps internet in 3 rooms, and other packages which up to 8 rooms. For more information see