AIS Fibre maintains leadership as the first and only intelligent Wi-Fi in Thailand Allocating speed and low latency to every user at home, to enjoy VIP quality services

1 May 2022: AIS Fibre is proceeding with upgrading industry standards in home broadband with continuous innovation in response to Thai user behaviors in connecting to services for the 3 Core Application groups, which has become the New Normal in modern lifestyles. At latest, a team of engineers has been assembled to develop intelligent Wi-Fi for the first time in Thailand with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). A Smart Router allocates Data Traffic so that all members of the family get speed and latency at an excellent VIP level, despite differing user requirements.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS, commented, “AIS Fibre has always been the leader, doing everything first. We are always confident that network and service quality are at the heart of sustainably answering users’ needs, rather than competition on price, that lacks innovation. This is because today, we live online, on-air, in real-time, all the time. We have previously been the first and only provider to install the most modern technology to provide continuous service. These include SpeedBOOST, Speed Toggle, Mesh Wi-Fi and providing service within 24 hours, and upgrading home net speeds to 2Gbps. Besides responding to consumer demand, it is also upgrading the Thai broadband industry to international levels. Working in this way relies on truly understanding customer behavior and the team’s capabilities to work closely with partners, while being up-to-date with tech under continuous development.

“Most recently, in the COVID-19 pandemic which has been ongoing for two years, we have all started to get used to it, and have adapted, being able to live normally with digital tools. In particular, a high speed broadband Internet network is the key factor enabling working, learning and enjoying favorite content to an unlimited degree. The team of AIS Fibre engineers have been monitoring customer usage and discovered that there were three service groups of customers using the systems regularly and continuously. These wanted speed, stability along with continuity for their Wi-Fi signal, so they could use it to peak efficiency. They comprise Game, Work & Learn Application and Live & Streaming. This was where the effort to innovate, research and deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning came into play. There were developments to the router to manage and allocate data traffic, sharing the Internet signal on separate pipes to provide VIP Service, both in prioritizing increasing the speed of data transmissions and efficiently reducing latency by 50% for itself. This provides a great user experience for every member of the family. Despite their widely different usage, they all receive continuous excellent service.”

Intelligent Wi-Fi comes with an AI-powered Smart Router with the following great features:

  • AI distinguishes categories of data service, to prioritize usage in the home.
  • Speeding up Network Processors to allocate bandwidth and offload Wi-Fi traffic, coupled with efficiently speeding up usage for prioritized applications.
  • Getting better speeds by integrating Wi-Fi Slicing and Wi-Fi Multimedia technology to reduce latency, and hence any dropped or jerky signal.

Intelligent Wi-Fi is able to separate usage pipes for 3 popular service cases which are:

  1. Game Application such as ROV, League of Legends, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, CSGO, Apex Legends, FIFA20 and Mobile Legends
  2. Work & Learn Application such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Google Meet
  3. Live & Streaming Application such as YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok

“We meet the requirements of these 3 core groups - Online Gamers who give priority to speed and Low Latency, Work & Learn Online who want quality pictures and audio, and a stable signal, and Live & Streaming Users, who are selling things online, and who want quality and stability for every live stream with no pauses or glitches in the streaming. We are extremely proud to be introducing the latest cutting-edge innovations to Thai people for the first time through the POWER4 Advance package which comes bundled with devices to support the latest tech such as the AI-powered Smart Router. This package is guaranteed a superior VIP experience from intelligent Wi-Fi with full download/upload speeds up to 1 Gbps, as well as an AIS 5G SIM, AIS PLAYBOX and accompanying Content Package at great value prices. Advance registration is available for both new and current customers from 1-9 May 2022, and all application channels will be opened nationwide on 10 May 2022, on the AIS Fibre website: