AIS Business provides turnkey ICT services for Vimut Hospital's enablement to Smart Hospital Powering Healthcare Industry by 5G capabilities of solutions and digital services

9 May 2022: AIS Business’s aspiration is to be a leader in digital solutions for enterprises, readily enabling industry to accomplish efficient digital transformation. AIS Business aims to collaborate with a diverse range of partners, both local and global. Consequently, AIS Business has built a mature Digital Business Ecosystem with capabilities to provide comprehensive digital and ICT services to Thai businesses. The company has now expanded its role to be a Turnkey ICT solution provider to the healthcare industry, collaborating with Vimut Hospital to transform and enhance to the next level of Smart Hospital, supported with modern digital technologies from AIS 5G. The project includes turnkey solutions, full ICT systems management, data management, Data Center, Cloud Contact Center and digital services to provide patients with excellent experiences of the hospital’s services, such as the Telemedicine application.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS Business explained, “AIS is now ready to provide solutions to businesses in any industries or scales, from SMEs to large enterprises. Our strong digital tech infrastructure and growing network of partners have enabled us to deliver network and ICT services, and Total Solutions, such as on this project. We have been trusted by Vimut Hospital to upgrade their potential for Smart Healthcare, which is our first turnkey project for a hospital. We have provided fully integrating of network infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, data processing, and digital services through the application to drive efficiency and effectiveness of medical services.

“This must be considered as a huge step for AIS to unlock the potential of its 5G smart network and the power of its partnerships to provide turnkey service to our customers. Business organizations can now gain international-level tech capabilities, ready to seize every opportunity, deal with every challenge and cope with every competition.”

Dr Santi Ueanoraset, Director of Vimut Hospital, said, “One of our goals at Vimut Hospital is Smart Hospital, which is applying digital tech to upgrade our work, from delivering correct treatments with modern medical technology, to managing our internal processes and treatment services. This gives our service users the best experience and maximum satisfaction. We sought out a service provider to work with us with the necessary wherewithal in terms of efficient signal networks, efficient solutions assisting database management, and management of our internal systems for instant, accurate, precise and secure connections between departments. We are also providing services to meet the needs of patients through our app, which organizes items such as appointments, notifications of test results, or even online medical consultations.”

The collaboration between Vimut Hospital and AIS is aimed at leveling up the hospital to be a fully Smart Hospital equipped with the network infrastructure for designing internal services and solutions as they are required by Vimut Hospital, such as:

  • Turnkey IT Solutions: This is the first time that AIS has unlocked the potential of its network in combination with diverse partnerships to provide turnkey services including installation of ICT systems, data management at the Data Center, communication systems and IT equipment.
  • Managed IT Services: The complete provision of services supported by a team of expert professionals on hand to give advice and assistance, and troubleshoot the system at any time.
  • Digital Services: Designing the app for Vimut Hospital, including the vaccine service system and services to upgrade medical services, such as the telemedicine system, for patients or service providers to experience a new level of treatment.
  • Cloud Contact Center: This is an internal communication system to link up the process of different departments, both in terms of efficient communications and ease of management.

Dr. Santi concluded, “Today we have AIS to work with us, under the guidelines and goals of upgrading our medical standards to international levels with new technology. AIS has delivered digital services and a variety of work systems to enhance the capabilities of our medical team, nursing staff and other employees to be more efficient. It highlights the dedication and commitment to develop quality medical services which will transform Vimut into a fully comprehensive Smart Hospital, and promote Thailand’s potential in the healthcare sector.”