AIS - SET promote resilient growth for Thai SMEs-Start Ups Limbering up fitness with LIVE Platform before LIVE Exchange at the start of 2022

7 December 2021: In the volatile situation caused by the pandemic and technological change, as well as rapidly evolving consumer behavior, there has been recent expansion and launch of many SMEs and Startups who are using innovation to address issues and meet business and living needs in the New Normal. LIVE Exchange, a source of capital for SME-Startups, was established to promote and foster growth of these companies, as well as creating supporting platforms in preparation for entrepreneurs to list on the Stock Exchange. This is enabled by collaboration with a strong private sector partner such as AIS, the first private company to provide support and development by sharing its expertise with entrepreneurs on a serious basis through the LIVE Platform.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of AIS, commented, "We are the complete Digital Life Service Provider, and we are developing network infrastructure to support every industry and upgrade competitive capabilities in every sector. We have confidence in our digital partnerships, and over the last 10 years, AIS has been the first telecom operator in Thailand with a vision to provide support and a venue for startups, continuously to the present. This proves at one level that ideas from startups are another important key to innovating services which meet the clear needs of people in society.

"Our attitude about working with startups has always been to work together in digital partnership, being there for them, and ensuring they are not neglected. We can leverage our internal potential, which includes platforms and know-how from AIS and Singtel as well as our connections with external partners and investors to generate opportunities for sustainable growth and enhance the capabilities of startups in every aspect, to give them a sustainable competitive edge in a constantly changing market. This is how we came together with the Stock Exchange of Thailand as a partner of the LIVE PLATFORM, in the part of the Scaling Up Platform which focuses on supporting business growth and getting Startups/SMEs ready to raise capital. For this we have organized a training course providing deep insight into key work systems management, business pairing and providing business consultations. AIS has brought together a team of experienced executives to share their knowledge and prepare SME-Startups to be fully ready for listing in the capital markets."

Dr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai, President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), noted that, "The Stock Exchange gives priority to small operators and particularly SMEs and Startups. They have a crucial role in the country's economic growth. This is why we are dedicated to promote this group of entrepreneurs to grow to the next level using the mechanisms of the capital markets. This is why LIVE Exchange was established as a secondary market for SMEs and Startups who are raising capital from all directions including IPOs. We are providing extra channels to raise capital for SME's and Startups who figure prominently in the country's economic system.

"One of key features of what we are doing is providing operators with knowledge. We are therefore delighted to be collaborating with AIS, one of the strongest private sector companies, and partners from every sector to develop services which meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Both basic and deep knowledge are enhanced with the LIVE Platform, which assists in raising entrepreneurs' readiness to access capital from the markets."

AIS collaboration in the LIVE Platform is in two parts:

  1. Deep training with e-Learning or Advanced Education, in the matter of knowledge appropriate for business competition such as business opportunities in the age of 5G, the importance of cyber threats, Cloud, digital brand building / product and services development, Leadership in the Digital Age, and human resources management.
  2. Creating growth opportunities for operators through business negotiations: Business Matching activities, as well as giving know-how about Enterprise systems throughout 2022.

SME / Start Up operators can learn more about the LIVE Platform at

Somchai concluded, "We are extremely proud to be collaborating with the Stock Exchange of Thailand to promote the strength of SMEs and Startups, enabling them to innovate and drive business. They can be another flagship to help the country out of crisis and deal with all the current challenges."