AIS awarded "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021" for 3rd year running Testimony to HR management success through strength in digital tech

17 November 2021: Amid changing social contexts and business challenges, people are the key resource for a company to attain its goals and fulfil its vision. AIS gives high priority to ensuring its people have the necessary skills for a constantly changing world, using technological tools which meet employees’ needs. In tandem with this, AIS has created a workplace environment which delivers values in tune with modern lifestyles. Such practices have earned AIS the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 award for three consecutive years. The award is administered by HR Asia magazine, part of Business Media International (BMI) headquartered in Malaysia.

Ms Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, Group Chief Human Resources Officer of AIS and Intouch noted, “We are proud and honoured to be considered worthy of this award, Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021, now for the third year running. This award showcases our commitment to develop our personnel in every aspect for AIS to be an attractive workplace, while meeting the needs of every generation. In our corporate culture, we try to prepare the AIS team for every kind of change. In particular, we focus on new skills and deploy digital tech for self-learning on digital platforms such as AIS’ LearnDi, which feature courses in a variety of fields, both in Thailand and abroad, which can be adapted to the real workplace. This benefits the employee, the company and future society as a whole.”

HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 is a prestigious award for leading companies from around the world with outstanding human resources and personnel development capabilities. HR Asia magazine, part of Business Media International (BMI) in Malaysia, has administered this award since 2013. The judging criteria include levels of employee engagement and various aspects of corporate culture. The judging panel contains qualified individuals from companies and academics from leading universities at the Asian regional level. The judging is under the headings of Total Engagement Assessment (TEAM) with three main pillars as follows:

  1. CORE: Collective Organization for Real Engagement: Includes corporate culture and ethics, the corporation’s potential, and initiative for creativity in operations.
  2. SELF: Heart, Mind & Soul: Care for employees and creating a good workplace atmosphere which includes building internal loyalty, creating incentives and having good behaviour and attitude to the company.
  3. GROUP: Think, Feel & Do: To encourage a culture of teamwork, mutual awareness and an atmosphere conducive to work as well as creative teamwork.

Kantima concluded, “These award judging criteria are consistent with AIS’ HR work practices in every way. We also give priority to human resources in delivering values which understand differences and diversity of everybody in the company. Our working practices are flexible, which enable each employee to quickly adapt and be happy in a workplace which encourages Work Life Integration. We take the principles of FIT, FUN, FAIR, which give importance to clear work objectives alongside good fitness, fun, happiness and positive attitudes to every challenge. There is also equality, acceptance and openness. All of this is our main destination. We are determined to create an organisation and workplace environment which empowers every employee to see the same objective, which is to become The Most Admired Digital Life Service Provider.”