AIS pride in Rising Star Sustainability Awards and Outstanding Investor Relations Awards from SET Awards 2021 Highlighting commitment to build resilient and sustainable digital infrastructure for Thailand

4 November 2021: Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, commented, "Our dedication to achieve sustainable growth for our organization and balance the interests of all of our stakeholder groups has been the motivating force for over 12,000 AIS employees in every unit. This absolutely includes knowledge and understanding of their duties in relation to environmental and social impacts and good corporate governance."

The company is very proud that this year, AIS has been named as the winner of two of the prestigious SET Awards 2021 hosted by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In the group of listed companies with a market capitalization exceeding 100,000 million baht, the first awards are the Rising Star Sustainability Awards which showcase AIS' overall sustainability operations. On top of effectively managing business growth, the company's operations have always clearly taken the environment, society and corporate governance into consideration.

The second awards are the Outstanding Investor Relations Awards which reflect the confidence and satisfaction of investors in AIS' Investor Relations, which have been focused on providing quality data, including updates on the company's current status, and the diversity and efficiency of communication channels. The company also has policies in place to increasingly further the benefits of shareholders and investors.

Both awards are a huge encouragement and source of pride for the teams at AIS, who have been hard at work developing a resilient digital infrastructure for the nation amidst challenging conditions such as technological upgrades, changed consumer behavior, and a pandemic with a severe global impact. The company's goals remain committed to the vision of the Digital Life Service Provider, creating resilient infrastructure to drive every part of society, whether government, private sector or the general public. All can prosper when aligned with these sustainable goals.

Somchai concluded, "As a private sector company considered a basic driver of economic growth, we are ready to be the power supporting policies to encourage full sustainability. Environmentally, AIS has set targets to reduce its carbon emissions which are the leading cause of climate change and global heating, by using renewable energy for network management, as well as disposing of electronic waste (E-Waste) correctly. Socially, we have been campaigning to instill awareness about using technology in the proper way, and be aware of issues by developing skills and Cyber Wellness. Economically, we will continue to work professionally and provide the best possible digital services to the Thai public."