AIS new tech phenomenon underscores leadership with Xiaomi link-up Cutting-edge "5G CA" tech on 700, 2600 MHz in worldwide first Thais cut the line to enjoy the power of AIS 5G on Xiaomi 11T smartphone

30 October 2021: Hot on the heels of AIS 5G modernizing high quality voice with the power and speed of AIS 5G in Voice over New Radio (VoNR), AIS is now representing Thailand to create a new phenomenon in the tech world, by partnering with Xiaomi to launch “5G CA” technology in a worldwide first. Thai customers will be the first to enjoy a fast and powerful 5G-level user experience on a Xiaomi 11T smartphone. 5G CA technology will be available on supporting smartphones over the smart AIS 5G network, which is number one for spectra in Thailand.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS commented, “Today, the power of 5G can deliver benefits to even more Thai users. As an industry leader, AIS has the goal to develop 5G networks and make the connexions which deliver a superior user experience to customers in a variety of different ways. Our intention has always been to supply Thai users with the best possible technology. Now we will take the spectrum-rich AIS 5G network to the next level with 5G CA technology in a worldwide first. We have been working with Xiaomi, a world-class partner, to develop the Xiaomi 11T smartphone which supports 5G SA networks on the 2600 MHz and 700 MHz spectra simultaneously. This brings the added potential to 5G of penetrating limited spaces, which will deliver a more efficient user experience on the Xiaomi 11T in terms of data transmission and signal coverage.”

Jonathan Kang, Country Manager of Xiaomi Thailand added, “Xiaomi is committed to developing outstanding products and innovation with honest prices in order to enhance the quality and user experience for consumers. The Xiaomi 11T is a flagship 5G smartphone enabling users to shoot pictures and video with Cinemagic technology while enjoying excellent 5G connectivity.”

5G CA technology, or New Radio Carrier aggregation, is an international standard enabling 5G to better respond to user needs. AIS has been partnering with Xiaomi to trial the technology and be the first in Thailand, and the world, to roll it out. Its unique feature is to use two spectra simultaneously - a mid-range spectrum of 2600 MHz and a lower frequency wave band of 700 MHz - which can work in combination to receive and send a signal further and more powerfully, data transmission capability is faster 1.7 times on the AIS 5G network.

This technology will enhance the capabilities of the Xiaomi 11T on the AIS 5G network, particularly in terms of coverage in signal blind spots. Thai people will be the first group of consumers to use the Xiaomi 11T to enjoy 5G CA on the AIS 5G network. Xiaomi will provide a software update in November. On top of this, today the AIS 5G network will offer the 5G CA experience to customers on any supporting smartphone or device.

“Because we have the most spectra, AIS’ key objective is to continuously innovate technology in every market segment to enhance the user experience for Thais, to be the equal of any other nation. Every partnership and every technology we roll out is intended to transform the network for users and promote customers’ improved digital lifestyles. We are immensely proud of 5G CA, which will deliver tech leadership for Thailand at a global level,” concluded Pratthana.