AIS and LINE help shops reach customers with Real-time promotions Store-front walk-by detection overcomes Social Distancing challenges

18 October 2021: Arakin Rakchittapoke, Head of Novel Engine Execution Department at AIS, spoke at the launch of a collaboration with LINE Thailand to develop DEVIO BEACON for the first time in Thailand. “Our intention as a Digital Life Service Provider is ceaseless innovation to benefit Thai lives and businesses. The Covid pandemic has transformed lifestyles and has had a severe impact on small business operators. Lockdown measures have brought about new ways of life in the age of social distancing. As a result, marketing communications and persuasion with sales promotions must also be completely transformed.

“This is how AIS and LINE Thailand collaborated to develop DEVIO BEACON, the latest product in the DEVIO Series. This launched for the first time in Thailand at the recent LINE Thailand Developer Conference 2021. This product is a true marketing weapon at a time of Social Distancing. It assists shops to efficiently communicate promotions in real time to customers through LINE Official Accounts, aimed at customers walking past their storefronts in a 10 to 25m radius. In the face of social distancing, it helps to reduce the risk of personal contact, while enabling continuous rapid promotion updates, to stimulate boundless sales.

“DEVIO BEACON is a device to send and receive data from the supremely popular LINE app over Bluetooth 5.2, the latest version. The shop owner only needs to place the DEVIO BEACON device in the store and update their promotions on the DEVIO CONNEXT platform, which connects to the store’s LINE Official Account. Walking past the shop triggers the promotional message in real time, addressing the challenge of offline-to-online marketing and efficiently penetrating customers, completely replacing leaflets or other limited ways to update promotions.”

Arakin added, “The user format has also been designed to connect with a LINE API supporting developers to upgrade service with a range of new Solutions in future constant changes of the Covid pandemic. This collaboration with LINE Thailand will extend the digital ecosystem for developers to showcase their capabilities to create new opportunities, over and above helping shops with flexible storefront marketing.”

Interested stores can inquire about the service and purchase the DEVIO BEACON device in the Early Bird phase at the price of only 1,990 baht per device until 31 October 2021. The device will then have the exclusive price of 2,500 baht (usually 3,500 baht). Stores can join the DEVIO ConNEXT platform as a channel to update promotions free for a period of 3 months from 16 October 2021 to 31 January 2022, from a normal price of 1,188 baht per year. See more details at, while developers can visit or