AIS 5G rides Metaverse Human trend, highlighting digital tech leadership First Thai Virtual influencer Ai-Ailynn to join AIS Family Goal to create virtual communities and provide cutting-edge digital experiences

15 October 2021: The hot craze for the Metaverse or the Virtual World has become a trend which will have a greater role in the near future. This is partly because of consumers’ familiarity with tech in various forms, which has now been adapted to people’s lifestyles from dawn to dusk. AIS, as a leader of digital lifestyles in Thailand, is keeping up with virtual trends to penetrate the secrets of the Metaverse Human with the launch of Ai-Ailynn, the first Virtual Influencer in Thailand to join the AIS family. She is the pilot of creating virtual communities to provide cutting-edge digital experiences of the future.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS commented, “To highlight our goal of becoming a Digital Life Service Provider, we have been working in every area to enable the Thai public to enjoy the same digital experiences with global tech as other countries with continued investment in the AIS 5G Smart Network. We believe that the 5G network will benefit users and level up their lifestyles. Now we see that the Metaverse trend is gradually blurring the distinction between the real and virtual worlds.

“One aspect of the Metaverse trend which is becoming tangible and will provide digital experiences to our Thai users is the Metaverse Human. Now we have acquired the first Virtual Influencer in Thailand, Ai-Ailynn, as part of the AIS Family. She will bring the virtual world closer to the real world for every lifestyle. Ai-Ailynn is our new Brand Ambassador and AIS’ first Virtual Brand Ambassador. She will represent us in promoting the image of this new world. Most crucially, she will be a pioneer in building different Virtual Communities.”

Ailynn’s character is clear as a 21-year-old young lady who is a self-confident modern person reflecting AIS’ leadership in digital tech and innovation.

Ai-Ailynn spoke about her feelings after coming to work with AIS for the first time. “I’m very proud that a big brand is giving me this opportunity. I made this decision after they contacted us because they are thinking very much along the same lines. We both see that although tech is important to build the future, it is up to us how to use tech to define the future, rather than let technology use us. AIS is giving me the opportunity to co-create work, and it believes in powering society by having bold ideas and asking questions about new things, which I really like. I must thank AIS for spotting my potential. I’m looking forward to working with AIS to encourage people to apply tech as a tool to unlock as many new opportunities as we can. Thank you AIS!”

Ai-Ailynn starts her official role with AIS today as the company’s first Virtual Brand Ambassador. She will be showcasing achievements which overcome human limitations to provide the Thai public with cutting-edge experiences combining the real and virtual worlds which have never been seen anywhere before.

“After living with COVID-19 for some time now, consumers have become more accustomed to living in the digital world, whether working, studying, teaching, being entertained, shopping or even being tourists. Now we have many groups, including Thailand, taking about a return to former times living with the disease, while consumers now regard interacting with screens as normal. These conditions bring the real and virtual worlds ever closer together, which is the era of the Metaverse.

“Today, AIS is ready to give Thai consumers access to the tech, the happenings of the Metaverse and amazing new digital experiences. We believe that these phenomena and the launch of our Virtual Brand Ambassador will be a new dimension of the real and virtual worlds for Thailand and its people,” concluded Pratthana.

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