AIS 5G unlocks the power of 5G to level up service experience with Samsung 1st Thai Launch of Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR): Crystal-clear voice over 5G SA network

11 October 2021: AIS 5G continues to showcase the potential of 5G to deliver new digital experiences as the number 1 provider. Now AIS 5G has teamed up with Samsung to upgrade the 5G network to deliver Voice over 5G New radio (VoNR). Calls can now be made over the AIS 5G’s smart 5G SA network, unlocked by Samsung’s latest Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21 smartphones. It is a noteworthy boost of high-quality audio delivered with the speed and strength of 5G for the first time in Thailand.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS commented, “Our goal is to fully exploit the potential of AIS 5G as we are the service provider with the most wavebands. We are taking the user experience for Thai customers to a new level with our partners in the Digital Ecosystem, and particularly device manufacturers, which include global giants such as Samsung. It is another step making 5G more useful to customers than ever before.

“AIS was the first to launch 5G NSA/SA in Thailand to improve call service efficiency for customers. We were the first to trial Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR), a fixed-line telecom service using Standalone (SA) architecture which makes full use of the 5G network. Compared to other telephone services, VoNR generates a dialling tone more quickly, with enhanced audio and picture quality. The result is an upgraded user experience for the first time in Thailand. Callers hear uninterrupted crystal-clear audio with no cross-talk or interference. It is now much faster to connect as the signal travels on the AIS 5G network. Users of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21 smartphones will be the first to experience these new improvements.”

Sittichok Noppachinbut, Vice President, Telecommunication and IT Business, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, added, “Samsung is a leader of the 5G smartphone market, and has the first commercial range of 5G in Thailand, with new models coming out all through last year. We believe that 5G is another technology driving change for users, and we have new designs of smartphone at the heart of that. On this occasion, we are collaborating with AIS to bring a new experience to making telephone calls with high-quality sound. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series is our first flagship smartphone to support VoNR. It will enable customers using the 5G SA network to enjoy a more efficient service in both sound quality and less waiting for a ringtone.”

The link-up between AIS and Samsung is another important milestone in the progress of 5G, which users can see for themselves when making calls. AIS customers using Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+ and S21 smartphones can now be the first to unlock the experience of using the 5G SA network and its superior call quality of both clear sound and faster connections enabled by 5G. AIS and Samsung will continue working together to bring ever more digital innovation to customers.