Views on AIS' 31 years of its journey building digital infrastructure for Thais Triangular collaboration of people, govt and private sector gives the country a global edge Thai 5G runs to international standards, is a springboard to overcome crises

1 October 2021: On the occasion of the 31st Anniversary and going into its 32nd year, AIS is a Digital Life Service Provider focused on developing technological infrastructure for the nation. It has the role of both network developer and pioneer in creating added value from digital technology. In many ways, this has helped to level up people’s lifestyles and management techniques in many industrial sectors. It is a source of pride to be part of building the digital economy and bringing the Digital Ecosystem into being, all of which aids the country in dealing with challenges thrown up by the crisis. In terms of 5G, Thailand is as good as any other country in the world, while and there are still vast opportunities. The company must work in the triangular collaboration of people, government and private sector coordinating closely together. Every sector has a role in determining the future in the new world.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of AIS, commented, “In its 31 years of existence, AIS has been part of bringing about transformation and arming the country with digital resources. Over 500,000 MB has been invested in rolling out Digital Infrastructure and another 200,000 MB on acquiring spectrum licenses. We have been turning out digital-savvy personnel, both directly at AIS and from working with partners. Finally, we have unlocked access to digital platforms with 5G technology, yielding the same efficiency as any leading industrialized nation. It is a source of great pride to us, as the country’s representative, to give the country a reputation as a technology leader in the rankings of leading tech agencies. For instance, Ookla Speed Test has ranked AIS 5G as the fastest network in Thailand.

“Our 5G network has international quality standards, which opens up huge opportunities for industry and business. It is forecast that by 2025, the 5G market in Thailand will grow to 1.2 trillion USD circulating in the economy. The three core markets with potential for growth are home internet through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) devices, mobile internet and B2B in the industrial sector, with an emphasis on manufacturing, retail and logistics. Of course, even today the potential of 5G in Thailand can meet the needs of each sector. The hard work of AIS teams over the last year in collaboration with a range of partners in industry, manufacturing, finance, retail, healthcare and education among others, has generated transformation which both directly and indirectly powers the nation’s progress.”

Somchai added, “5G has had 3 direct impacts on the big picture of the New Normal world:”

Anywhere Operations: The Covid situation has enforced Work from Home (WFH) and Learn from Home (LFH), or working from anywhere at any time, immediately. The challenge has been the speed of adapting and creating management styles, as well as upskilling “people” who are at the heart of building national resilience.

Internet of Behavior (IoB): After the Internet of Things (IoT), with every appliance connected to the net, the corollary is consumer behavior similarly in constant connection to the Internet. The key to this is the capability to analyze the data of those connections to create insight and Personalize services to the Nano Segment level.

Space that blurs the physical and virtual: When every aspect of people’s lifestyles is mediated by a screen to the online world, whether learning, working, shopping or being entertained, the trending technology has been Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, or even the Metaverse. The virtual world delivers a new kind of lifestyle experience to consumers who can also connect and interact seamlessly with the real world, and we believe this will eventually become a new normality as well.

The combination of all three aspects has stimulated people to adapt and change their way of life as a matter of urgency. AIS, as a driver of the country’s Digital Ecosystem, is dedicated to nurturing Thai innovation to be the equal of any other country. This runs alongside achieving 3 key goals for sustainable growth: such 1. Boost efficiency to provide the greatest benefit to customers from the wireless business, 2. Continue the growth engines of home internet and enterprise services, and 3. Invest in digital business for future robust growth.

A new department has been opened to work with partners to develop the first Metaverse Human in Thailand who will be a new Brand Ambassador of the AIS Family, I-Irene. New business models have been designed for markets in the Metaverse. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) can create massive new business opportunities which will ready Thailand for global competition. AIS considers it an obligation to push this innovation as a developer of the 5G network and will welcome partners joining it on this journey.

Somchai reiterated, “The current world situation roiled by Covid, causing a reset in many areas, brings both opportunities and challenges. Thailand has an edge in the potential of its workforce and infrastructure as 5G which are accepted internationally. Bringing all this potential to bear on promoting the best national resilience requires perfect triangular collaboration. This starts with the people who are now ready to adapt and welcome technology to live in the new normal. Second, is the strength of the government sector, which wields vast resources amid challenges to strengthening integration capabilities. The state sector must also determine policy frameworks which are appropriate to real situations. Combining with the private sector, network service providers and every part of the Digital Ecosystem must work together and continue investments to build Digital Infrastructure and provide the best service to customers. I am confident that Thailand can become a hub of digital industry growth which is ready to compete on the world stage. AIS will be another power supporting every sector to determine a future which achieves these goals.”