AIS 5G adds another jigsaw piece to V-AVENUE.CO, the world's first virtual mall Link-up with Central Marketing Group under Central Retail, leading Central brands to join digital shopping arcade Digital Lifestyle Experience with 5G Virtual Commerce

28 September 2021: AIS once more taps its smart 5G network to connect digital lifestyles in its virtual shopping mall, V-AVENUE by AIS 5G. More variety has been added to the shopping after the latest link-up with Central Marketing Group (CMG) under Central Retail, a leader in international fashion and beauty products with over 40 brands in Thailand, a Thai retail giant, and has beefed up its Omni-Channel platforms for a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers. Now it has opened a new space on V-AVENUE.CO for shopping under the 5G Virtual Commerce concept, offering over 120 highlight products. This is expanding to other brands in the group such as PowerBuy and SuperSports who are to join the virtual mall, for customers to shop for their products and services anywhere and at any time.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS commented, “The V-AVENUE.CO phenomenon is a new dimension of exploiting cutting-edge AIS 5G technology to connect consumers with a life-like shopping experience. V-AVENUE.CO’s virtual mall has had over 3 million visitors in just a few months. This tells us that digital tech, and Virtual Reality (VR) in particular, will have a key role in powering retail, as circumstances drive changes in consumer behavior and generate new formats of retail. We are now focused on expanding the range of products and services available, through collaboration with key partners in different segments.

“We now have the unparalleled opportunity to work with Central Marketing Group (CMG) under Central Retail, and its associated brands of Central Retail, who are recognized retail industry leaders. We are making another great stride in tapping our digital networks to deliver a fascinating new experiences of accessing products and services to the Thai public. It is in trend with the market, and customer shopping behavior desiring the seamless interactions of shopping with 5G Virtual Commerce. We are delighted that CMG under Central Retail have joined us in this journey of providing a superior experience to Thai shoppers. AIS remains committed to its goal of becoming a Digital Life Service Provider ready to power every sector of society. For retail in particular, the space on V-AVENUE.CO offers opportunities for retail operations both large and small to access new channels to customers, and overcome our current challenges.”

Sarah Jean Westwood, Head of Omnichannel & E-Commerce of Central Marketing Group under Central Retail said, “CMG is excited to partner with AIS on the V Avenue project, to provide our customers a unique digital shopping experience with top international fashion and beauty brands like Calvin Klein, Dyson, Casio, Clarins and Lee etc. The interactive experience takes shopping online to the next level, by bringing the ‘mall’ experience directly to the customer so they can comfortably and safely shop no matter where they are.”

Central Retail has gone beyond the limitations of the traditional store front by offering products under brands from both Central Marketing Group (CMG), offering over 40 fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands, and expanding into other business in next phase such as PowerBuy, a leader in electronics, IT, mobile phones and gadgets. Products are also included from SuperSports, Thailand’s number one sports goods retailer. They are all joining a virtual shopping mall where customers can access products and services with Virtual Commerce at any time or any place. Open a new experience of shopping in the digital world of Central Retail by clicking