AIS 5G - RS Mall firm up online channel for better shopping experience Massive new Virtual Store on V-AVENUE by AIS 5G for unlimited shopping Exclusive deals on over 600 items from leading brands

1 September 2021: AIS and RS Mall have got together to improve the shopping experience for customers with changed behavior in the New Normal. An impressive virtual RS Mall has been unveiled on V-AVENUE by AIS 5G to beef up the company's online channels with exclusive prices on over 600 items. These include food supplements, health and beauty aids, religious offerings, fashion, home appliances and pet supplies. The move will bring seamless success from the company's main channels to online platforms and bring a new dimension to online shopping experiences with 5G.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS said, “V-AVENUE has been very popular with customers as a hub for shopping malls and leading brands. We're now giving priority to expanding the space in collaboration with partners. Our key goal is building a shopping street of diverse products and services meeting the needs of new consumers. Crucially, digital technology is being deployed to enhance the potential of the business sector, and particularly retail, which must continually adapt to customers' lifestyles.

“We are delighted that today we have been joined by RS Mall, a Health and Wellbeing giant in Thailand. They have honored us with their presence as a partner providing a superior shopping experience through Virtual Reality technology on the most modern 5G Network. The RS Mall has been designed to be an exceptionally impressive four-story building full of interesting products. There is also content in the Studio Zone exclusive to RS Mall on V-Avenue. This collaboration is another important step to attaining V-AVENUE's goals as the biggest virtual shopping center. We are ready to push the retail sector, including both small and large operators to access the technology and play a part in stimulating the Thai economic recovery.”

Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Commercial Officer, RS Group, additionally noted, "RS Mall is a multi-platform commerce operator focused on health and well-being. We have developed products and sales channels to reach every group of customers. We use technology to analyze customer preferences and understand them better, to generate repeat purchases and build sales. We have been developing product formula, pack size and packaging, to expand to new groups of customers. This partnership with AIS, Thailand's biggest telecom provider opening a Virtual Mall, will expand our sales to new markets and achieve our mission of being the "Wellbeing Partner of all Thais".

RS Mall on V-AVENUE is now open for service and is well stocked with products including food supplements, health and beauty aids, religious offerings, fashion, home appliances and pet supplies. At least 600 items are the subject of special promotions for AIS customers and shoppers on V-AVENUE by AIS. On every spend of 2,000 baht, earn an instant discount of 250 - 300 baht. Join the launch party celebrations with many other exclusive offers at