AIS strengthen telecommunication network to connect and support Thais, communities and businesses amid pandemic challenge with Q2 results reflect economic conditions

3 August 2021: AIS release operating results for the 2nd Quarter of 2021 which reflect the economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic on various sectors. Amidst these challenges, AIS reinforce its critical role of telecommunication and digital technology provider to support connectivity for Thai people, families, communities, the business sector and public health agencies. AIS intend to leverage its assets of technology, knowledge base and team of dedicated staff to support recovery in every sector, remedy long-term problems and overcome mutual challenges.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Services plc. (AIS) commented, “The COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand is still presenting us with major challenges. The current wave has spread rapidly with massive impacts on our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Despite this, we were able to maintain our financial performance in the second Quarter of 2021. We work hard to maintain efficient operations and continue 5G network expansion to ensure the network quality with new technology to support increased usage, particularly for those in need to work and study from home. We are also promoting sales and services through Remote Agents and online channels to maintain service levels through lockdown. It is vital to maintain business continuity through the crisis and encourage sustainability by ensuring a systematic risk management as well as retaining our solid financial health to cope with these crises and challenges.”

As for Q2/2021 results, total revenue was 42,757 million baht, similar to the same period last year. Net profits was at 7,041 million baht,

  • The mobile business slightly declined 1.5% year-on-year and 0.9% quarter-on-quarter due to the economic impact on consumer spending. AIS has thus offered affordable packages to enable access for groups with less spending power. AIS also expanded the 5G network to cover all 77 provinces, and now has over 1 million subscribers, with a renewed target of 2 million subscribers by the end of this year.
  • Home broadband business grew by 21% on last year and 6.2% on the previous quarter from increased consumer demand during lockdown, whether Working from Home or Learning from Home. AIS Fibre added a net 104,000 customers, giving a current customer total of 1,535,900.
  • Enterprise business sustained good growth of 13% on last year. This came from increasing demand for solutions such as Cloud, Cybersecurity and ICT solutions from the industrial sector, which is adapting its operations with more digital tech to boost efficiency, reduce costs and create new models to reach customers.

Somchai added, “In the last quarter, AIS has continued its leadership in digital services to meet the needs of today’s consumers. We recently announced a partnership with Microsoft as the exclusive strategic partner in Thailand. Microsoft is among the most innovative Cloud service providers for business and is upgrading AIS Cloud expertise in depth. Also, Disney+ Hotstar has chosen AIS as its sole partner in Thailand offering monthly viewing packages for Thais to access its services more easily, with the goal of adding value for our customers.”

“AIS maintains its belief that digital technology is key for national recovery under any conditions. Despite the challenging situation and 2021 results being impacted by the pandemic, AIS intend to continue investment in digital infrastructure to cover every sector and connect them, giving them the capability to constantly transform themselves for a new world. We will carry on with our mission to connect and assist Thai people in every walk of life. This includes our program “Survival Measures” in helping small shops with sales channels and opportunities to reach AIS customers, free calls on emergency numbers and packages to support SMEs. Crucially, we will continue our full support for Public Health. We will leverage our strengths and digital platforms for our staff, our customers, our partners, wider society and the country as a whole to overcome these challenges together,” concluded Somchai.