AIS Business 5G unlocks 5G's potential for national recovery in real-time industrial applications AIS MoU with OMRON ships transformative solutions for Industry 4.0 Full support for the needs of Smart Manufacturing

29 July 2021: The current situation has impacted business, causing limitations and challenges in every part of the chain from manufacturing to sales and service provision. In this context, AIS will continue its plan to expand 5G in the industrial sector and assist national recovery in every dimension. AIS Business 5G has now signed an MoU with OMRON Electronics Co Ltd, a leader in smart manufacturing and autonomous mobile robots. OMRON is a key partner in deploying 5G and digital tech to level up the industrial sector and deliver solutions which completely meet the needs of Smart Manufacturing.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS Business noted, “AIS has a consistent plan to expand 5G and level up the manufacturing sector. We will continue connecting various other sectors for digital tech to have a key role in supporting industry. In particular, we have formed partnerships of mutual strength with a joint objective of giving the industrial and manufacturing sectors the technology they need. This is a crucial engine to power future progress, especially during this pandemic, when everybody must adapt.

“This is another key partnership for AIS. Collaboration with a strong partner such as OMRON with its expertise in industrial automation and robotic engineering, is applying telecommunications technology in combination with Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT). This has potentially unlimited applications for new solutions and upgrading the industrial sector to Smart Manufacturing – enhancing quality and reducing production costs on AIS 5G digital infrastructure, which is tailored for use as a Private Network. This augments data security, with the capable speed, and low latency to fully support IoT systems.”

The MoU between AIS and OMRON will bring new and flexible with security capabilities to industrialists. Digital tech and 5G network will transform manufacturing processes with features such as Flexible Manufacturing, Small Lot Size Production, Traceability and Predictive Maintenance, with a suitable level of investment that enables cost control, while retaining manufacturing capabilities, security and competitiveness. This also covers accurate management of raw materials to save on manpower which can be deployed elsewhere, remote control, artificial intelligence, the very definition of Smart Manufacturing. Prototype solutions to unlock both of these potentials include:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) can read a map to determine its path with no need for dedicated guide-lines. The map is built by sensors scanning the robot's surroundings, and results in the quick and easy movement of material, all supported by the 5G Private Network.
  • Layout-free Production Line is a solution enabling a flexible production line which can be altered according to production needs and necessities of space, among other limitations. It supports management of a range of production lines, with the designs changed quickly according to the work.
  • Sensors High-resolution cameras and process sensors monitor remote facilities and a combination of sensing predictive monitoring technologies achieves predictive maintenance on the manufacturing floor.

Sirivan Koo-amphorn, Managing Director of Omron Electronics Co Ltd added, “OMRON has long been an industry leader in technology services, automated systems and robotics for both manufacturing and the service sector. Our customers are in industries such as automotives, components, electronics/appliances and components/semiconductors, as well as food processing, beverages, consumer products and pharmaceuticals. This collaboration with AIS is another important step for OMRON in its quest to upgrade solutions technology with the high-speed data connections and stability offered by 5G. Data is widely connected in terms of locations, signal coverage and a diverse range of supported hardware from sensors to robots. Every stage of production is connected securely to management systems by the 5G Private Network, meeting the needs of industry 4.0, a major powerhouse for the national economy. We want to be part of creating robust digital infrastructure for industry with the high potential of both parties. Particularly in manufacturing, we will upgrade capability to lead our customers into the bright future of 5G technology.”