First Time in Thailand, AIS Business Launches Open Source Support Service on Local Cloud, Providing Open Source Advisory and Troubleshooting to Help Small and Large Companies Innovate Faster While Addressing Data Localization and Privacy Challenges

Bangkok, Thailand - 27 Jul 2021: AIS Business today launches Open Source Support Service to provide advisory and troubleshooting on open source software that runs on local cloud. The service will enable business of any sizes to speed up innovation and scale while addressing the data localization and data privacy challenges from Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Underpinning by IBM’s open source support services, AIS’s first-in-Thailand Open Source Support Service that runs on AIS Enterprise Cloud will allow companies using open source software to leverage open source technologies with reduced complexity, through services, expert advice and problem solving. Services includes database, middleware and analytics features as well as the capacity required for managing workloads like Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift.

Though pandemic and changing consumer behavior have forced business to accelerate innovation and digital transformation, Thailand’s data privacy and protection landscape as well as data localization requirements oblige companies to bring their business into full compliance. The use of local cloud by a trusted, secured provider ensures business with full conformity, yet open source technology is needed for building innovation. To date, no local provider can give full advisory and troubleshooting services on open source innovation platform to its local cloud.

Collaborating with a global leader in open source technology like IBM, AIS Business can now bring open source capacity, which is an integral component for driving faster innovation and business outcomes, to scale and support both small development teams and organizations, and large enterprise businesses in Thailand.

With reliable world-class IBM Open Source Support team as the single source of support and issues resolution, AIS Business clients can reduce the complexity of managing multiple open source solutions, streamline problem solving, with a preventative, proactive approach to security and compliance in place. Businesses can now spend less time resolving complex issues in using open source solutions and have more time innovating, while also being able to reduce the cost of using commercially licensed software at scale.

“In these unprecedented times of disruption and uncertainty, flexibility, resiliency and ability to innovate quickly are the only way that businesses can do to be best prepared,” said Tanapong Ittisakulchai, AIS’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer. “Large companies are seeing the value of open source technology for running their mission-critical and enterprise-scale applications, while the smaller companies want to leverage cloud and open source technologies to open up new business opportunities, and collaboration with IBM today has made all this possible.”

“IBM has been supporting open source for over 20 years to benefit the ecosystem of clients and business partners. IBM’s commitment and leadership in open source is unrivaled in the industry,” said Patama Chantaruck, VP for Indochina Expansion and Managing Director of IBM Thailand. “We are ready today to help AIS Business and its clients adopt open source technology to modernize and shift away from costly legacy hardware to cloud-based environments. IBM will be bringing the full power of open source capability and much needed skills to deliver maximum results for AIS Business and its clients, to help drive innovation at scale in a secure way.”

According to a study by Forrester Consulting, 79% of IT leaders struggle with real-time open source support [1]. AIS Business’s clients can now enjoy the enhanced benefits of cloud and open source technologies such as MongoDB, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and a full range of compute options, including virtual machines, containers, bare metal, and serverless, through a monthly or pay-per-use package, with deep open source expertise from a single technical support partner like IBM.

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