AIS Academy levelling up Thai education by giving Ecosystem in link-up with Education Ministry Leading professionals on board to launch "THE EDUCATORS THAILAND" Transformation of digital education paradigm connecting and assisting Thai educators

22 July 2021: In the context of a constantly changing society from economic, political, cultural, technological and many other factors, all sectors have had to adapt in time for these transformations. In the business sector, manpower management for human resources is also a top priority for enterprises, on top of needing to develop their services to match consumers’ needs. AIS Academy has thus taken a proactive role in Thai education once again, this time with regard to upstream personnel in the system, through occupational training for teachers. AIS Academy has linked up with the Ministry of Education and leading educators to Connect and Assist Thai Educators, developing courses to enhance skills in designing teaching materials appropriate for modern digital education, including course outlines, teaching aids and student assessment, in “THE EDUCATORS THAILAND”.

“THE EDUCATORS THAILAND” is the first program open to over 1,000 key personnel from both state and private sector education, including educators, instructors, educational staff of every affiliation and trainees to both unlearn and re-learn teaching skills. The course has been designed and developed by AIS Academy in collaboration with the Secretariat Office of the Teachers Council of Thailand under the Ministry of Education, and other leading personalities in the world of education. This content will develop skills and teaching innovation to support transformation of the modern educational sector, and incubate students at the time of LFH, which is the starting point for a new generation of nation builders. Finally, the program benefits from participants being role models in communicating teaching techniques which can be applied to education, both now and in the future.

Disakul Kasemsawat, Secretary-General of the Teachers Council of Thailand noted, “The Teachers Council of Thailand has a vision to support development of the teaching profession and other educational personnel to have international standard quality. We want to give them the potential to pass on new knowledge to enhance the quality of Thai education, and make it more efficient. To realize this requires dedication and cooperation of many sectors, whether government or private sector. This collaboration with AIS is another good starting point to introduce technology and new digital knowledge to enhance educators’ skills. It is an age when all of us, and every teacher, young or old, must learn and use new tools and teaching techniques so that instruction meets the needs of students, and helps them to truly develop consistent with our strategic plan. The plan includes learning sources and innovations for quality professional applications, and developing new knowledge to enhance quality teaching in the current situation.”

Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, spoke about THE EDUCATORS THAILAND program. “AIS sees the impact of COVID-19 not only from an economic or social perspective. The educational sector has been just as badly affected. Classrooms have moved to be 100% online, forcing teachers and educators to adapt to digital technology. Of course, unfamiliarity with new lifestyles requires adaptation. AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, is intent on realizing the potential of digital technology to level up different sectors and improve the quality of life for Thai people. Hence we are determined to connect and assist Thai educators and support the educational sector, which is at the heart of incubating ‘people’ to power society in the future.

“We have always believed that in the context of a constantly-transforming society, personnel must develop their skills and expand their knowledge with new weapons. This is how AIS Academy was established as a hub bringing together all the knowledge inside AIS. This became sharing for the country through various activities upgrading Thai education to keep up in a world of massive change, applying the potential of digital technology through programs such as THE EDUCATORS THAILAND.”

Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, Chief Human Resources Officer at AIS and the InTouch Group commented, “AIS Academy’s mission to ‘Think in Advance’ is still relevant in upgrading end-to-end learning. Today, the context of the educational sector has been radically transformed. Developing the system must start from developing people’s potential, and this was the origin of THE EDUCATORS THAILAND. It came from our determination to apply new skills and knowledge, and our potential as a leader of digital technology, to push AIS Academy’s framework of EdTech to develop educators and teachers applying to join the program. It aims to provide the strength and potential to develop teaching techniques, and enhance creative teaching and communication skills under the concept, ‘More than just a teacher, innovating Thai teaching into the future.’

“We have collaborated with the Ministry of Education, the Secretariat Office of the Teachers Council of Thailand and a panel of nationally qualified experts to develop online courses on the LearnDi platform, and activities which are part of the Professional Learning Community (PLC), covering both theory and practice online through THE EDUCATORS THAILAND. It is another program to unlock the potential of the Thai educational sector, educators and teachers. Together they will transform the paradigm of digital education to have unlimited capabilities. AIS is proud to leverage its strengths to connect and assist Thai educators, and by extension, the Thai public.”