AIS PLAY's gift to sports fans cheering on Thai athletes at Tokyo 2020 Olympics Official Broadcaster offers free live coverage of every event, at every venue, only on AIS PLAY

19 July 2021: AIS PLAY has won broadcast rights to the greatest sports show on Earth, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It will be the Official Broadcaster offering live coverage of every televised contest at every event and every venue for maximum viewing satisfaction. There is a full program of highlights and replays on AIS PLAY. The video platform will be the only place for Thais to cheer on athletes in the Thai national team, and enjoy a festival of world-class sport.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer, at AIS commented, “We are a Digital Life Service Provider focused on realizing the potential of digital networks to bring convenience and happiness to the people of Thailand. Especially during a crisis, everyone seeks encouragement and inspiration to deal with challenges. Following on from our collaboration with Disney to provide entertainment, AIS PLAY has now acquired the rights to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Thailand. Aside from just cheering people up, sports content is massively popular among users of all ages and genders. The Summer Olympic Games are always eagerly anticipated by viewers around the world who want to cheer on their national teams and enjoy the spectacle of elite athletes competing internationally. AIS PLAY’s live and replayed coverage of the 2016 Rio Games was hugely popular, because we were able to deliver the atmosphere that everyone was hoping for.

“The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be forever remembered in history for being held under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic with no trackside spectators. Our fortune in acquiring the broadcast rights is thus highly significant, as we have become the country’s representative in bringing this content to Thai viewers in every detail. As a result, we been making extensive preparations for our 4G, 5G and Fibre Broadband networks to support transmissions in Full HD, as well as allocating 16 channels on AIS PLAY for live feeds, to avoid missing any particular sport or event at any venue. We have also secured the services of famous commentators to host segments of highlights and replays for Thai people to cheer on the Thai athletes, as the Thai Olympic team has many exciting medal prospects. Viewers will not miss any of the finest international sport.”

Thai viewers can watch live and replayed footage, and show their support for Thai competitors in every event for free, and from any network, on every channel of AIS PLAY. There is exclusive content for AIS subscribers through the mobile app, the AIS PLAYBOX set-top box, SAMSUNG Smart TV, Apple TV and the website There are also collaborations with major media partners enabling Thai viewers to access broadcasts through websites, such as Matichon, Khao Sod, Manager, SIAM Sport and PPTV HD.

Pratthana concluded, “AIS will be the medium conveying every Thai person’s hopes for their Thai Olympic heroes, that they can both achieve victory and be safe from the pandemic. For our part, we will be aiming to capture every memorable image from these historic Games for our Thai viewers as best we can.”