AIS 5G and IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI in key collaboration Giving space and facilities to Bussarakam Field Hospital taking Covid patients in the Yellow symptom Setting up vaccination sites equipped with 5G, 4G and Free Wi-Fi

13 May 2021: The field hospital has become a key strategic goal for the public health frontline in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, which remains very worrying. With daily patient admissions rising, and the broader rate of infection, field hospitals have opened to take patient volumes and provide vaccination sites in spaces where the private sector can provide every convenience. The world-renowned IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI Exhibition and Convention Center has partnered AIS 5G with full support for Thailand's battle against Covid-19.

IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI Exhibition and Convention Center has offered its Challenger Hall, over 100,000 sqm, to open Bussarakam Field Hospital, with 5,200 beds, and in the near future, a vaccination station. AIS has brought its team of engineers to install all the network technology for 5G, 4G and Free Wi-Fi for the benefit of 700 medical personnel working on the site, and convenience to patients requiring treatment.

Wasit Wattanasap, AIS Senior Vice President Nationwide Operations and Support explained, “The ongoing severe outbreak in the third wave of Covid-19 continues at a high rate, and public health authorities must increase their capacity to accommodate patients. AIS continues to work with the health sector, both government and private at all times, as well as working with partners in every sector, to support the work of medical teams and officials to have the greatest efficiency in containing this outbreak as quickly as possible.”

In normal times, AIS has striven to provide the best coverage for Challenger IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI , keeping people connected over its vast spaces humming with activity. The new Bussarakam Field Hospital is targeted at patients with mild symptoms at grade “Yellow”. This requires medical equipment, x-ray vans, ventilators and inspection rooms with service from 5G, 4G and Free Wi-Fi, with portable cell towers all connected to CCTV systems to monitor patients and transmit medical data with peak efficiency. The company has also collaborated with nxpo to provide their medical personnel with SIMs and free calls.

Paul Kanchanapas, the CEO of Bangkok Land Group plc, representing Impact's management, further explained, “We offered Challenger IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI , an area of 100,000 square meters, for the Ministry of Public Health to consider as the location for Bussarakam Field Hospital for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in the yellow grade, rent free for a period of two months from May to June 2021, as a field hospital to support Nonthaburi province, which would also be the biggest field Hospital in Thailand, with a capacity for up to 5,200 beds. The site is divided between Challengers 1 and 2 having 2,000 beds each for patients under the Yellow notice. Challenger 3 is another 1,200 beds being readied for patients with symptoms, installing negative pressure tents and ventilators.

“Challenger IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI is an indoors venue containing large halls with no central pillars, and a renowned Exhibition Center. In the great flood of 2011, we also assisted the public by allowing them to park their cars safely away from the floods, saving many tens of thousands of cars. Thailand's third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is still extremely worrying. We did not hesitate to give this space for a field hospital as part of the fight against this crisis in partnership with AIS, the public health sector, and disease control management, to guide the Thai nation through this crisis together.”