AIS Academy launches "LearnDi", with leading partners to upgrade the Thai "EdTech" sector, creating transformation to develop human resources for Thai society

2 April 2021: After 6 years of continuous success, “AIS Academy” has accumulated much knowledge about developing human resources to give it a solid footing, leveraging the strength of AIS as a leader in networks and technology. It is now partnering with leading Thai EdTech organizations to transform the field of skills development and realize the potential of Thai human resources at the next level. “LearnDi by AIS Academy”, run by LearnDi Co Ltd, is a leading hub of learning for human resources in Thailand.

Ms Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, Group Chief Human Resources Officer of AIS and Intouch & Director of LearnDi Co.,Ltd., “The global context is in a state of constant flux. Promoting the potential of human resources is key to the company’s success. With a changed context for education, AIS Academy and its partners are ready to participate by driving personnel development to create a body of knowledge through new formats of knowledge dissemination. This is also combined with digital capabilities, giving opportunities to access a range of knowledge to promote the potential of Thai companies to keep abreast of change.

“AIS Academy was established with a key role to develop the company's over 13,000 staff to be constantly alert and ready for transformation. AIS Academy already connects with wider Thai society through the program ‘AIS Academy for Thais, an obligation for Thais’, which has run for many years. We are always looking out to develop learning for people seeking knowledge and new skills, but cannot access courses or only limited content. We and our partners have taken the initiative to be part of powering the country by creating timely knowledge and bringing out existing organizational potential through LearnDi Co Ltd, with our partners in the EdTech sector to create a new dimension in developing personnel to have the smarts they need to bring strong potential to Thai society.”

The launch of LearnDi Co Ltd is a significant move from AIS as a leader in telecom tech Thailand’s number one service provider. With the potential of AIS Academy and its partners, it will significantly transform the Thai EdTech industry, giving Thai people alternative tools to develop themselves on a network built on the principle of Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. It is a major collaboration in the educational sector between the private and public sectors, both inside the country and abroad. These include:

  • Platform development partners
  • Content development partners
  • Enterprise business partners

Invent, SEAC, Humanica, Conicle NEO Academy by CMMU, Beyond Training and Dr A to Z are partners in efficiently delivering learning to Thai people, through a technology network filled with content, and including a full range of courses which meet new demands for skills.

Ms Kantima added, “LearnDi by AIS Academy came from our internal development. Transformation made us aware of what employees want, and entrepreneurs and companies want. Using it meets a broad range of needs. It is working with industry partners on a principle of mutual growth, using the strong point of each partner to make LearnDi into a hub for new knowledge and skills, whether soft skills or hard skills. This is to help develop personnel and cater to younger people needing continuous self-development, to determine success in their careers through self-development. Staff are given the opportunity to access knowledge tangibly, suitable for employees of every level at an affordable price.”

As well as leading partners both domestic and overseas, LearnDi has another strong link from working with the Faculty of Psychology of Chulalongkorn University to develop a self-competency assessment, which includes self-digital competency assessment. These are for learners to understand their own potential before proposing appropriate courses. After graduation, they receive an e-certificate which is a measure of their success at learning in the new format.

This year, AIS Academy has the goal of powering learning through technological capabilities, to drive knowledge of technology and innovation from both inside Thailand and abroad into Thai society. LearnDi Co Ltd is determined to promote the leveling up of people’s competence as part of Organization Transformation. Personnel development tools create opportunities for enterprise businesses, SMEs and HR departments, as well as among the general public who are ready for the currents of constant change.

Ms Kantima concluded, “All of our partners have the same goal, which is to build up the EdTech Ecosystem. We believe that just one party growing is not genuine or sustainable growth. All partners growing together is the strong point to create the Ecosystem, to make society stronger and bring about sustainable growth.”

"LearnDi by AIS Academy" is ready to power the EdTech sector. It is part of developing Thai human resources by giving access to information and knowledge, while breaking down conventional learning frameworks, with the result of sustainable strength and growth. Interested parties may contact