Anti-bribery and corruption

AIS intends to operate a business with a sense of honesty, transparency and is in accordance with good corporate governance principles. We are also against any types of giving, bribing and corruption by recognizing that giving or bribing and corruption is a serious threat that destroys free and fair competition including causes damages to the economic and social development.

In this regards, there is zero (0) contribution for political parties and facilitation payments. For charitable Contribution, please see detail in this link “AIS Sustainability”

The policy

AIS established the Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy in order to use as the guideline for performing duties of directors, executives and employees and to comply with the rules and guidelines as well as to prevent the company and directors, executives, employees and other stakeholders from violating the law concerning anti-bribery and corruption.

The policy explicitly addresses the following essences:

  • AIS must not make any political contribution in terms of both monetary and non-monetary.
  • In terms of charitable contribution, AIS will provide a support whether by direct financial aid or service in-kind without demand, expectation of a business return or used as a subterfuge for bribery.
  • AIS must not make any facilitation payments.
  • The giving and receiving of any gifts from third parties are prohibited if it’s considered as misconduct from AIS’s business ethics.