Dear Shareholders

Strengthen all Businesses Units
2019 was a good year for AIS in spite of the country’s lackluster economic performance with a GDP of 2.4 percent, coupled with heavy competition in both mobile and fixed broadband businesses. AIS maintained its leadership position in mobile business with a revenue market share of more than 48 percent, highest in the industry. In the meantime, AIS Fixed broadband business or AIS Fibre, started 5 years ago, saw higher growth in revenue and subscribers among operators, exceeding the target of 1 million in 2019. Not only did AIS Fibre’s market share rose to 10 percent in 2019, its net profit also turned positive for the first time. For enterprise business, acquiring CSL had strengthen AIS with comprehensive products and service portfolio. With our aim to lead onestop ICT solutions, we have reorganized to better service enterprise customers and hence were able to stimulate solid growth in enterprise segment.
Greater Quality and Bolster Digital Platforms
AIS, as a major telecommunications service provider, maintains a strategy of building upon its mobile customer base of over 42 million people to increase revenue. Towards this, we have continually invested in platforms to enhance our digital service. In 2019, our video platform, AIS PLAY, has continued to grow with 2 million active viewers based on both mobile and home broadband platforms. Additionally, we also expanded digital platform to serve online insurance service in cooperation with insurance companies as business partner. We also expanded into the eSports realm to support the gaming market. All of the aforementioned progresses are crucial for AIS in moving towards being a digital life service provider.
Building Strengths as AIS Enters its Third Decade
Over the past 29 years, AIS has maintained its number one status by given precedence to customers, partners, and employees. We place customers at the heart of all our operations, delivering them only the best possible technology and responding to their needs. We believe that our future growth is based in cooperation with partners, especially in the coming 5G era, and we will need to collaborate with variety of industries to achieve progress. AIS also devotes great importance to its employees, supporting them to acquire new abilities in step with customer demands and to adapt to rapidly changing technologies.

Our goals for the coming 3-5 years, even as the number one company in mobile service industry, is to transition from being solely a telecom provider to a digital life service provider. This is because customers have access to all kinds of services online and we believe that they seek for services beyond just connectivity.

The first ring of the AIS business strategy is strengthening our core business, that is mobiles business. The second ring is to create a new revenue engine through fixed broadband business and enterprise business. The third ring are digital platforms, which will serve as a foundation to expand into other industries in the future.

Moving into the 5G era, AIS will be able to offer brandnew and distinct customer experiences, opening up to new business opportunities from emerging businesses and services. Over the past 1-2 years, AIS has tested 5G spectrum in preparation of bringing 5G technology to the Thai people. We placed our focus on developing digital and technological infrastructure as well as skilled resources to enhance business capabilities of various sectors and industries in Thailand.

Building Sustainable Growth and Playing a Role in National Development
AIS was selected for listing among the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in 2019, both on the World Market and Emerging Market indices, reflecting our vision and policies for sustainable business. By operating with mindfulness towards the economy, society and the environment, AIS has been able to perform with excellence as well as transparency. We have prioritized our customer data privacy, promoted E-waste management projects in the interest of the environment and supported the Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) of the Thai people while using our technologies to build a safe digital Thailand.

We thank all of our customers for their trust in our products and services, our partners for their resolute collaboration in response to our users’ needs and our shareholders for their commitment. We, the executives and staff of AIS, promise to work to our utmost capability towards the goals we have set and, most importantly, to care and reward all of our shareholders and stakeholders to the best of our ability, including being a part in our home nation developments.

Warm regards,

Kan Trakulhoon
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Somchai Lertsutiwong
Chief Executive Officer