Over three decades of leadership with resiliency in a challenging year
The year 2020 brought AIS the accomplishment of 30 years of operation along with a range of new challenges stemming from the COVID-19 situation, which slowed Thailand’s economy across the board. The widespread impact affected business at AIS, where total revenue for the year declined 4.4%, mostly due to a weakening in consumer spending power led to decline in revenue of mobile business as well as loss of revenue from absence of tourists. Nonetheless, we were able to maintain our leadership in mobile business and continued to see robust growth in home internet as the Work from Home and Learn from Home trends grew, driving AIS Fibre to surpass its user target of 1.35 million. With prolonged economic uncertainty, however, we placed focus on cost control and cash flow management to maintain profitability and ongoing investment as well as to deliver dividend to our shareholders. Overall in 2020, AIS achieved net profit of Bt 28,423 mn and paid out a total Bt 20,219 mn in dividends.
Maintained leading services and committed to invest for long term competitiveness
AIS has strong will to play a part in overcoming the crisis besetting the Thai people and businesses, providing uninterrupted communication and reliable mobile data service even during lockdown while data usage demand spiked by 50% year-on-year . In response to the situation, we gave priority to preparing our network to handle fast growing demand and made sure to care for our employees, our most crucial resource in tackling the unpredictable situation and ensuring we can provide quality service to our customers under any circumstance. We enhanced the efficiency of digital services such as the my AIS application and our e-Channels so that they may serve as virtual service centers in times of lockdown. AIS also collaborated with the National Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission to provide free mobile data and free call minutes to customers as to lighten their daily living cost.

Over the past year, we continued to invest in network infrastructure, both for 4G and 5G as well as home internet, spending approximately Bt25-30bn, the highest amount in the industry owing to our strong cash flow from operation. This enhanced our capability as Thailand’s No. 1 mobile service network and accommodated consumers and businesses under the New Normal accelerated by the COVID-19.

Enhanced services with 5G technology as well as supported Thailand’s economic recovery
Once the COVID-19 situation alleviates, both the public and business sectors need to adapt to the New Normal. AIS is dedicated to contributing a digital infrastructure to support and drive the Thai economy through the potential of AIS 5G. Over the past year, AIS won the 5G auction with Best-in-class spectrum of low, mid and high frequency bands and became the first provider of 5G in February of 2020 with coverage reaching all 77 provinces or 16% of the Thailand population. With such capability, AIS is ready to apply its services to the enhancement of the business and industrial sectors so that they may serve as mechanisms for national rehabilitation and will collaborate with partners specialized in different areas such as:
  • Public health, to support medical professionals through the development of telemedicine.
  • Industries in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), as an ICT solution and infrastructure service provider, to support Smart Cities of the Land, Smart Airports of the Air and Smart Seaports of the Sea.
Expanding digital life services to generate new revenue stream
While the COVID-19 situation has maintained uncertainty in the Thai economy, AIS has continued enhancing its service capabilities, in particular, investing in its 5G network with healthy financial position and strong cash flow to maintain its industry leadership in the long term and to create a new revenue source. On top of telecommunications, AIS’ strategy is to become a digital life services provider that is always responding to evolving consumer needs. Expanding revenue from enterprise clients, AIS is deploying its 5G technology to develop industry solutions alongside its specialized partners so that it may serve a crucial role in supplying technology to businesses and industries returning to growth in the New Normal.

We wish to thank all of our customers for their continued trust in the services and products of AIS as well as our employees, partners and all who devoted themselves to our overcoming of the crises and challenges we faced this year, who allowed us to continue to provide our industry leading services. We also thank our shareholders for their confidence in AIS. On behalf of all the executives and employees at AIS, we promise to continue to work together with dedication to achieving the goals we set forth. Finally, we wish to express our support and care to all to overcome the COVID-19 crisis together.

Warm regards,

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong
Chief Executive Officer